Check This Out: Movie Titles In Movies

Check This Out: Movie Titles In Movies

Perhaps you didn’t realize it but there’s a fine tradition in Hollywood of having actors say the title of the film they are in during the film itself. Sometimes, like in Hot Tub Time Machine, it’s done with a nod to the audience.

Other times, as in Terminator, it’s done in a more off=hand manner and makes sense given the situation in the story. Whetever the reasons or circumstances, this has been happening for along time and will probably go on for a long time to come.

Of course, someone has taken the time to put all these instances together in one video (two, actually). That person is YouTube’s own Honsco and we’ve got the new video, and his first one, to share with you today.

They contain a lot of our favorite movies and after seeing this repeated over 150 times it never really gets old. Check out both videos after the jump.

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