First Trailer for 'Blackthorn' Shows Us an Old & Angry Butch Cassidy

First Trailer for ‘Blackthorn’ Shows Us an Old & Angry Butch Cassidy

This day and age, it’s become incredibly difficult to come across a truly innovative and original movie idea. We’re either fighting aliens in a world invasion plot (again) or watching how many ways we can kill off teens in the woods (again) or watching our favorite heroes take out the bad guy (again). We need something fresh.

So when a plot like Blackthorn comes along, we’re stopped in our tracks as to how a film like this managed to float to the top of a pool of unoriginal ideas, giving us something to look forward to. Here’s the premise.

It’s been said (but unsubstantiated) that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were killed in a standoff with the Bolivian military in 1908. In BLACKTHORN, Cassidy (Shepard) survived, and is quietly living out his years under the name James Blackthorn in a secluded Bolivian village.

Tired of his long exile from the US and hoping to see his family again before he dies, Cassidy sets out on the long journey home. But when an unexpected encounter with an ambitious young criminal (Eduardo Noriega) derails his plans, he is thrust into one last adventure, the likes of which he hasn’t experienced since his glory days with the Sundance Kid.

Old Butch Sundance taking a trek across the country to go on one last adventure? Sounds a bit like Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan story if you ask us, but we’re not complaining. Check out the trailer after the jump and catch Blackthorn in theaters on October 7th.