New Netflix Prices Go Into Effect Today

New Netflix Prices Go Into Effect Today

If you’re one of the people who was enjoying your $9.99 instant streaming plus one DVD deal at Netflix, get ready to be disappointed. That’s right, that nice low price for the service you love is going away, effective today. Can’t say we didn’t warn you this day was coming.

Instead, you can now pay $15.98 (60% more) for the same service. Of course, you can opt for the streaming only plan like most of us here at The Flickcast do. That’s still only $7.99, which is a pretty good deal.

Sadly, the selection of movies that are available for streaming is still not all that great and if you’re looking for relatively new movies, you can forget it. Most of them don’t ever make it to Netflix streaming. However, there are some and there is also a pretty decent selection of older and classic movies. Plus, the selection of TV programs is pretty good, even including some cable and non-US shows in some cases caught up with their current seasons.

So, it’s not a total loss and worth it for the money. Still, for those of you who enjoyed that low priced plan for streaming and for a DVD now and then, today just isn’t your day.

Now that this new pricing is in place, will this cause you to leave Netflix, change to a different plan or just pay the higher price? Sound off in the comments.