Take a Look Inside the Garage of 'The Car Show's Adam Carolla

Take a Look Inside the Garage of ‘The Car Show’s Adam Carolla

You can say what you will about Adam Carolla. Call him a loudmouth or some other less flattering names. Why not, he sometimes says things that make people angry and is in the public eye, so he’s pretty much fair game.

Whatever your opinion of Carolla, you can’t fault the man on at least one thing: his cars. In case you hadn’t heard, Carolla is a very enthusiastic car guy and collector. In fact, his obsession with cars led him to start a podcast about them and eventually to a TV show on Speed TV called The Car Show.

But what cars does Carolla have in his own garage? Well, the folks over at Autoblog got a chance to tour Carolla’s garage and found quite a few interesting and exotic surprises there. You may be surprised at his love of all-things Datsun as well as his fondness for classic Lamborghinis.

Like Carolla or not, his selection of cars is pretty interesting, and pretty damn cool. We’ve included a couple pics of some of the cars after the break. Head over to Autoblog for the rest.