Ninjas Take on Frankenstein & Dracula in the Upcoming Flick 'Ninjas Vs. Monsters'

Ninjas Take on Frankenstein & Dracula in the Upcoming Flick ‘Ninjas Vs. Monsters’

Today’s audience loves when things fight. Whether is Jason and Freddy, Aliens and Predators, or Kramers and Kramers. People can’t seem to get enough “fiction on fiction” action. That’s mainly why Spike’s Deadliest Warrior is such an addictive and popular show.

With that in mind, Endlight Entertainment, the fine folks that brought us films like Ninjas Vs. Vampires and Ninjas Vs. Zombies, is bringing us the final film in the Ninjas trilogy: Ninjas Vs. Monsters! Here’s the press release to explain more of this fun project.

In this final installment, the Ninjas and their friends find themselves pitted against the most evil and memorable monsters of them all- Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Werewolf, and MORE!  Loaded with martial arts action, bloody horror, gun play, magic, comedy, pop-culture references, and a tightly woven twist-filled plot, NINJAS VS MONSTERS looks to be the biggest and best film in the trilogy.

For this film, Endlight and creator Justin Timpane are taking to the fans for help with with the production costs. With a sexy and hilarious KickStarter campaign, Justin and his team are hoping to raise $15,000 to make the film.

Take a look at the campaign here, and if you’re so inclined, maybe even help them along so we can finally get an answer to who would win between Ninjas and Dracula.