Web Video Roundup: ThunderLOLcats, Don Draper Sells Facebook Timelines, & Boxing Hobbits

• Robots are badass, and that’s just what we get from Paul Oakenfold’s newest music video for “Beautiful Machine“.

• Who doesn’t love profanity? That’s why this collection of 100 best uses of the word F*ck from films is right down our dirty alley.

• The internet may just be popular, as Cartoon Network’s MAD managed to cram tons of memes into this spoof titled ThunderLOLcats.

• While the new Facebook Timeline has people in an uproar, they just haven’t been sold it correctly. That’s where Don Draper comes in. Job done.

• Fantastic Fest is best known for some awesome flicks, but even better boxing bouts. This year’s Fest consisted of a Hobbit Battle Royal between Dominick Monaghan and Elijah Wood.

• Cosplay is a big deal, but nobody really gets it. That’s where this excellent showcase of the cosplay from DragonCon 2011 comes in handy. Just enjoy it.

• Hipsters and teenie boppers don’t have anything on the truly scariest music fanbase of all time, the Juggalo. Let the new trailer for American Juggalo introduce you to the craze.

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