iPhone 4S Ships with Potential Siri-Related Security Issue

iPhone 4S Ships with Potential Siri-Related Security Issue

Even though most of us who upgrades to Apple’s new iPhone 4S are loving our new devices, according to reports there’s a potential threat to our happiness lurking just under the surface. Now, before you get too worried, this “threat” requires a specific set of circumstances most users will never encounter.

However, if  you happen to leave your iPhone 4S in a cab, for example, the person who finds it can potentially access your address book, appointments and more by using Siri, even if your iPhone 4S is locked with a passcode. That’s right, even if it’s locked.

However, all is not lost and there’s a simple fix for this issue. To prevent someone from accessing Siri and your info while the iPhone 4S is locked, simply go to Settings> General> Passcode Lock. Once there toggle the option for “Allow access to Siri when locked with a passcode” to Off.

The iPhone 4S will now require the the phone to be unlocked before it allows access to Siri. There, problem solved.

Don’t you wish all problems could be solved this easily?