First Footage of Nightwing Released for 'Batman: Arkham City'

First Footage of Nightwing Released for ‘Batman: Arkham City’

Batman: Arkham City is about to unleash it’s first major DLC, and Warner Bros has just released the pack’s first trailer. The Nightwing DLC gives you a new character to play, exclusive maps and another Batman: The Animated Series skin. The new content adds in the fan favorite Nightwing  who began his crime frighting career as the original Robin.

Nightwing as a character brings a few new tweaks to the already stellar fighting mechanics. His history as an acrobat has not been ignored with some incredible agility displayed in the trailer, and his wrist shooter looks to be executed very well. The weapon of choice for the newest hero in this game is his dual batons, these dangerous blunt weapons also appear to have some connective electric properties. Undoubtedly these will be a blast to stick into the faces of random goons for hours and hours.

If there is a single problem I have had with the Batman Arkham games it has been with character design. It took me a long time to get behind the main looks in Arkham Asylum, and only Two-Face really gels with me right now in Arkham City. Principle amongst the new characters whose design I don’t like is Robin, so my excitement level goes through the roof when we see a Nightwing that looks perfect.

The DLC hits on November 1st and you can catch the full trailer after the jump.

Pretty intense huh? The game’s dart and gritty tone seems to fit very well with the darker “boy wonder” character, although the violence of some of the animations does get pretty extreme. Not that too much violence has ever really stopped a gamer from enjoying a game has it?