Google Details New Gmail Look and Features

Google Details New Gmail Look and Features

If you’ve been paying attention you probably know that Google is in the process of revamping Gmail and its interface to offer new features and new looks. In fact, if you’ve looked at your Gmail today, you may already have the new look and features.

You may notice a button at the bottom right that will enable the new interface. Here’s some details on the new look.

Gmail’s conversation view has been streamlined and now includes photos of each contact. Additionally, it will automatically resize itself to look best depending on your screen size thanks to a new “elastic density feature.”

Themes now support HD images and there is a new “smarter navigation” panel on the left hand side of the display that is customizable. Google also added a drop-down search box for more accurate email searches.

Check out Google’s video that explains even further (with visuals!) after the break.