Exclusive Interview: Patton Oswalt Talks 'The Heart, She Holler', Why He's Mad at DC Comics, More

Exclusive Interview: Patton Oswalt Talks ‘The Heart, She Holler’, Why He’s Mad at DC Comics, More

Last night, those in the Los Angeles area were treated to a nice surprise. The hip folks over at Cinefamily’s Silent Movie Theater premiered the full miniseries of Adult Swim’s newest live action comedy, The Heart, She Holler. Opening to a packed house, the show definitely hit it big with this audience, incest jokes and all.

The show comes from the Vernon Chatman, the brilliantly twisted mind behind shows like Wonder Showzen and Xavier Renegade Angel. If you think you know anything about how Adult Swim picks their new content, you don’t know anything about this show. Here’s a brief synopsis that does little-to-no justice to the madness of the show.

Boss Hoss Heartshe owns 98.5% of Heartshe Holler and keeps the other 1.5% in a hidey hole.  Upon his death, the hole is opened to reveal a secret son, Hurlan. Watch as his blood grubbing heirs Hurshe, the coquettish daughter closest to Hoss’ heart and nether regions and Hambrosia, Hoss’ other only child with a fearsome ability to scorch eyeballs with her mental powers, wrestle for every sort of supremacy that power provides. Their miseries and mysteries collide in this first-ever Adult Swim six night miniseries event.

Think Twin Peaks meets Passions with a really sick spin.

We got the chance to sit down with comedy-flavored renaissance man and star of the show, Patton Oswalt, about what to expect from the show, who he doesn’t want to watch the miniseries, and what his problem with DC Entertainment is. Take a look at what he had to say after the jump.

Catch the premiere of The Heart, She Holler on Adult Swim Sunday, November 6th at 12:30am, followed by new episodes every night next week, and repeating every day this month.