Get Your Rage On with Previews for Syfy's 'Rage of the Yeti'

Get Your Rage On with Previews for Syfy’s ‘Rage of the Yeti’

You know what’s missing on TV these days? A movie where a Yeti kills a bunch of people and attractive people who you would never believe were actual scientists hunt the creature and try to destory it.

Well, wish granted because that’s just what Syfy has done with their upcoming TV movie Rage of the Yeti. Yes, you read that right. It’s a movie about a Yeti with anger management issues. Awesome, that’s the only way to describe it.

Don’t believe us and want proof that this movie really exists? Happy to oblige ’cause we’ve got previews.

In the first clip, a Yeti comes out of the snowy shadows and charges towards the team. The Yeti sets his sights on one of the characters and knocks him over. While he scrambles to get up, he tries to ward off the Yeti with a flare. Sadly, it has no effect and the Yeti drags him off into the blizzard.

In the second clip, the team calls for medical help after several members are injured and missing after a Yeti attack. While trying to escape, two team members are charged by a Yeti and they are only able to scare it away after they fire off multiple rounds.

Check out both clips after the break. Rage of the Yeti, which stars David Chokachi and Yancy Butler (so you know it’s good), premieres Saturday at 9/8C only on Syfy.

Rage of the Yeti
“Get Out of the Way”

Rage of the Yeti