Check Out Jason Statham in the New Trailer for 'Safe'

Check Out Jason Statham in the New Trailer for ‘Safe’

If there’s one thing you can say about action star and all around badass Jason Statham it’s that he’s consistant. In almost every movie he does, he ends up playing pretty much the same character.

Not that we’re complaining. He does it pretty well and is usually, if not supremely talented acting-wise, at least fun to watch. This leads us to the trailer for his latest upcoming action extravaganza Safe.

Written and Directed by Boaz Yakin, who’s previous credits include Fresh and Remember the Titans, Safe features Statham as a former elite agent protecting Mei (Catherine Chan), a 12-year-old numerical prodigy who has in her head a code the Triads, Russian Mafia and corrupt cops are determined to get.

As you would expect, the trailer features mostly what Statham fans are expecting: action. It also gives us a bit of insight into the story and who we can expect in the film opposite the star. And yes, Statham beats up and kills several people during the trailer. No surprise there.

Check out the trailer after the jump. Safe, which in addition to Statham features Anson Mount, Chris Sarandon and James Hong, opens on March 2, 2012.