Capcom to Expand Their Partnership With Zazzle Games

Capcom to Expand Their Partnership With Zazzle Games

If you don’t know what Zazzle is let me enlighten you. They are an awesome online store that offers officially licensed apparel and accessories that are often highly customizable. Last year Capcom joined forces with Zazzle to offer officially branded Capcom properties merchandise. Just in time for the holiday season, Capcom has announced that they are expanding their partnership with Zazzle to offer even more fantastic Capcom branded stuff.

The best part of the expanded Capcom store within Zazzle is the plethora of icons for each title that you can put on any number of cool items. Do you want an Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney coffee mug, a Ryu mouse pad, a Mega-Man iPad case? All are possible with a large variety of images to choose from.

“The Capcom shops at now have more choices than ever before! With the addition of popular brands like Street Fighter®, Mega Man® and Ace Attorney®, fans now have even more options to customize their favorite Capcom® video game icons on a wide variety of products offered by Zazzle.”

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“Capcom launched a partnership with Zazzle in 2010, beginning with four online shops that allow fans to customize and purchase a variety of merchandise with favorite Capcom characters and branding. Product options include hoodies, t-shirts, skateboards, posters, mugs, postage stamps and more. The three new shops join the existing line-up: Monster Hunter® Tri, Capcom Classic Arcade, Power Stone® and Rival Schools®. As part of the ongoing partnership, additional brand shops will be added in 2012.

Visitors to Zazzle can access the Capcom shops at, and can easily customize any of the thousands of Capcom licensed products with their own text and images. Zazzle’s proprietary technology and on-demand manufacturing capabilities allow fans to easily customize and purchase thousands of licensed products from the Capcom brand shops.”

The new items are online now, and Zazzle has several promotions running throughout the holiday weekend, so don’t miss out on all this cool new stuff.