New Stills and Poster for Disney's 'John Carter' Arrive

New Stills and Poster for Disney’s ‘John Carter’ Arrive

Over the next five months, two of the best American animation directors are making the leap to live-action adventure films. Brad Bird has the much anticipated Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol coming this Christmas and Andrew Stanton brings John Carter to life next March. Both directors have previously been making movies with PIXAR, creating such classics as The IncrediblesRatatouille, Finding Nemo and Wall-E.

In anticipation of a soon to be released full trailer for next spring’s epic, Disney has released a new poster and a set of stills for John Carter. The pictures showcase some of the more interesting elements of the upcoming movie, including the four-armed Tars Tarkas, played by Willem Defoe, and the adorable Woola who might just steal this movie. The other stills give us clear glimpses of some of the production design of the movie, and hints to its scope.

The poster, on the other hand, is a really classy minimalist design that really sells the Martian setting. This is a striking design that should look sharp in movie theater hallways this holiday season.

Check out all the stills and the full poster after the jump.

It is really hard to judge these stills out of context, but nothing in the pictures really screams Mars. I really love the design of what we see, and Stanton has earned the benefit of the doubt, but Mars is important to this potential franchise and they seem to be minimizing it. Hopefully when the new trailer hits and we can see some of this in action worries can be assuaged.