Gamepro Magazine To Shut Its Doors

Gamepro Magazine To Shut Its Doors

For many people who grew up in the video game era, Gamepro was one of the best sources for news, reviews and stories about the industry. Now that we are in the times of the Internet, print based content is becoming more and more rare. Sadly, one of the most well known and respected magazines in the industry is officially ending its run of over 20 years.

Gamepro is shutting down print and online operations, moving the Gamepro branding to PCWorld and becoming their gaming news source. has this message on their site:

“Thank you for your loyalty, support, and participation in the community. At noon on December 5, 2011, the U.S. version of GamePro online will shut down as an independent site. GamePro will become part of, offering gaming news, reviews, and how-tos from the PCWorld team. Thank you to the entire GamePro staff for their hard work and dedication.”

This is sad, but not unexpected news. Gamepro‘s years of relevancy are behind them, and they weren’t making enough of a stand online. Still, for a time Gamepro ruled, they were the kings of video game journalism in it’s most raw and exciting days.

Much like when Wizard stopped publishing its print magazine, this is the end of an era for kids that used to hang out at the magazine rack while their parents did the groceries.

Goodbye Gamepro, and thank you.