Harry Potter Attraction Coming to Universal Hollywood

Harry Potter Attraction Coming to Universal Hollywood

Those who live in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas have probably been to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park at least once in their lives. Whether it was for the Haunted Halloween Nights last month, or to check out the fun and exciting rides and attractions, most people (locals in particular) probably think they’ve seen all the park has to offer. They’re wrong.

In just 4 months, Universal Studios Hollywood will unveil their new Transformers ride, which is only one of the huge attractions coming to the park. Also coming soon, you can see a smaller version of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”, which is currently thrilling attendees at Universal Studios in Orlando.

The official plan will be announced later this week, but this is already huge news for the park. The original Harry Potter attraction in Florida brought in an extra million visitors and helped the reach over $300 Million in revenue for the year.

What could this mean for Universal Studios Hollywood? Well, definitely more magic. That’s for sure.

We’re hoping to have more details soon as a formal announcement is expected later this week. But don’t expect to see much change between now and the middle of next year when Transformers rolls out.