Check it Out: The Official 'BioShock' Fan Film Gets a Teaser

Check it Out: The Official ‘BioShock’ Fan Film Gets a Teaser

Now that video games have surpassed films in terms of original storytelling, there are tons of properties that are ripe for adaptation. A bunch of those are already coming to fruition, but one that fans have decided not to wait forever for is the first person shooter Bioshock.

There has been talks about Gore Verbinski taking on the film, but in the meantime, Internet filmmaker Jared Pelletier has decided to take things into his own hands with his very own live action Bioshock film set for the spring of 2013. To get fans ready for the film’s release (and expected production diary leading up to it), he has posted the first teaser for the film online.

Full of classic swingy goodness, and maybe a few shots of action, the teaser is more than enough to hold fans over for a bit of time.

Take a look at it after the jump, and subscribe to the official Bioshock fan film channel on YouTube. Here’s to hoping we can beat Hollywood to the finish line!