'Community' Vies For Audience Sympathy with a 'Save Greendale' Campaign

‘Community’ Vies For Audience Sympathy with a ‘Save Greendale’ Campaign

NBC is under major scrutiny from fans as of late with their ballsy decision to pull fan-favorite Community from their Spring lineup. With that, fans have had a major outpour as to how pissed they are with NBC’s decision. Even TV Guide proved how important the show is to its dedicated community.

Now, the geniuses behind the show itself are working for your sympathy itself by putting together a campaign video to safe the show’s fictional setting, Greendale Community College.

Sure, there are a few character moments here, but also some sincerity as to where this show is going, and that it may never come back. Take a look at the heartwarming video after the jump and join the fight by signing the Save Community online petition.

Let’s win this one!