Howard Stern Returning To NBC As 'America's Got Talent' Judge

Howard Stern Returning To NBC As ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge

America’s Got Talent is one of the top rated summer shows every year. It follows the same basic structure of all reality base competitions that promise not just a big cash prize but a career in entertainment. In all it is all a solid show anchored by three rather likable judges and a fun host.

This upcoming season will see a major shake-up in those judges as series grump-pus Piers Morgan is leaving the judges table and is begin replaced by shock jock Howard Stern. Stern’s youthful demographic and his reputation for honesty make him a great choice for the show, even if his antics are usually far more mature than expected for the family-friendly show.

Stern will be well compensated for his judging duties, and the entire show’s production is making the move to New York to accommodate Stern’s radio commitments. The show now boasts the most interesting judging panel in the realty show universe. It will be exciting to see how the relationship between Stern and his co-judges develops, and the first time Stern has to judge a stupid kid talent might be truly must see tv.

The show begins filming its audition phase this February with regular episodes starting in the Summer.