First Image Released Of Walter Hill's 'Bullet to the Head'

First Image Released Of Walter Hill’s ‘Bullet to the Head’

Walter Hill makes fantastic men movies. The kinds of films that exude all of the best aspects of macho glory. From The Warriors to 48hrs and even the first episode of Deadwood, Hill just has what it takes to capture a man’s attention.

His newest film, Bullet to the Head, will be Hill’s first theatrical feature in a decade, and with 80s icons being resurrected left and right, the time is ripe for a return to his style of machismo. The movie stars Sylvester Stallone, Christian Slater and Jason Momoa and concerns a cop and a hit man teaming up together to fight a common adversary.

Bullet to the Head promises to be exactly the kind of no holds barred, knock down, drag out slug fest of a film that we don’t really see anymore. The first image released on Aint It Cool News shows off Stallone embroiled in an axe battle, and it just excites to no end. The Expendables 2 promises to bring all the familiar faces of 80s hard core action to the screen next year, but Bullet in the Head could deliver us the actual 80s style action spectacle.

Walter Hill’s Bullet to the Head is scheduled to his April 13th, 2012.