Get Confused With this Foreign Trailer for Juan Diego Solanas' 'Upside Down'

Get Confused With this Foreign Trailer for Juan Diego Solanas’ ‘Upside Down’

Visually Stimulating seems the be the name of the game as we are in the first few days of a brand new year. With films like The Hobbit and Hunger Games taking over the year’s “most anticipated” list, it makes sense that other studios are going to try to pick up the slack and release some very edgy-looking films.

With that in mind, we get the very first trailer for Argentinian director¬†Juan Diego Solanas’ upcoming domestic flick, Upside Down, in which the world is exactly as we know it, except there is an entirely different world that lives directly above us, and they don’t like us very much.

The film stars British heartthrob Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe) and the sometimes affable Kiersten Dunst as the star-crossed lovers in which this story finds itself circling. Clearly, there is a metaphor to be found in the premise, but we can’t stop thinking how funny it is that Kiersten Dunst is the love interest in an upside down world. A bit “on the nose”.

Take a look at the enticing trailer after the jump, and while you won’t be able to understand the anticipated “In a World” title screens (they’re in French), you will be able to get the gist through dialogue. Enjoy, and catch Upside Down in theaters later this year.