Check This Out: Harrison Ford Watches Indiana Jones for the First Time

OK, so maybe not the first time, but this video from the folks at Dogfood Films is pretty hilarious. Already going viral, the video uses the hilariously awkward video of Harrison Ford playing Uncharted 3 in his lofty living room and splices in scenes from the first (and best) three Indiana Jones films.

Sure, we have to believe that Ford has seen all of these films at least a few times, but the reactions he has to some of the timeless scenes, especially the epic cringe that he pulls off while watching Temple of Doom are pretty hilarious.

Dogfood Films have been known for doing a few other film mashups, such as How Jingle All the Way  Should Have Been and a few others. It just goes to show that, if you’ve got the time, and you can obtain the footage, there is absolutely no limit to the things that can be drawn out for us to laugh at on YouTube.

Take a look at the video after the jump and check out Dogfood’s channel for more goodies.

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