Check Out These Five New 'Star Wars: Episode One' 3D Re-Release One-Sheets

Check Out These Five New ‘Star Wars: Episode One’ 3D Re-Release One-Sheets

This past weekend we saw the release of Beauty and the Beast in 3D, the most recent in a string of classic films getting a 3D face lift.  The next big re-release is only a few weeks away with the first of the Star Wars 3D updates. Lucas is starting with Episode One, and is moving on through the franchise with a new re-release every year.

Even though the prequel trilogy lives in infamy among most film fans, the impending arrival of a Star Wars film on the big screen still holds some weight. In advance of the February launch a new set of five posters has hit the web, each with a wildy different design and most of them actually pretty cool.

It is gratifying that the posters excise the existence of Jar Jar Binks completely, although it would have been nice had Jake Lloyd received the same treatment. The upcoming 3D versions of these films represents the greatest perk of the 3D post conversion era we live in.

To have an opportunity to watch classic films on the big screen again in new and exciting ways is an exciting proposition. Hopefully lesser films like the prequel trilogy don’t ruin it before we get back to the original trilogy.

You can see the whole set of new posters after the jump.

The Star Wars movies have always done a great gob of keeping symmetry  among the poster designs. It will be interesting to see if any of these templates makes their way to next year’s release of Episode Two. Personally, I think the Darth Maul face poster and the white bannered pod-race design offer the most interesting concepts that I would love to see expanded over the entire Saga.