After 'Red State', Kevin Smith Returning to More Traditional Film Distribution Approach

After ‘Red State’, Kevin Smith Returning to More Traditional Film Distribution Approach

Originally intending to auction off the rights to Red State at its Sundance premiere last year, Mr. Smith turned-tail and decided to self distribute through Smodcast Pictures instead. The film was shown in the “road show” format in select cities before receiving an official release. Smith’s sudden change of heart naturally erupted into accusations of dishonesty from some attending distributors.

One year after the controversy, Smith has once again stepped forward and struck a partnership with Phase 4 Films in what seems to be an abandonment of his rebel ways. On Monday, Smith released an official statement regarding the exclusive distribution in cooperation with Smodcast, the production company founded by Smith himself.

Phase 4 gains U.S. and Canadian rights for the option to distribute up to a maximum of twelve films alongside the newly entitled Kevin Smith and Smodcast Pictures Presents label. Four features will release theatrically and include a film tour similar to that of Red State.

According to Phase 4 film President and CEO Berry Meyerowitz “This label will connect film makers and producers with a rabid audience of movie fans only Kevin Smith can deliver.” Films selections will also be promoted via Smith’s social networks and allow hopefuls the option to petition a film tour within their city.

“We’ll do four or five cities per film, where I’ll intro the movie and do a Q&A with the film makers after the screening,” said Smith

Although this announcement may be the last thing some film enthusiasts may want to hear after last year’s fiasco, it does allow for various film distribution and marketing methods. This could very well affect how films are released and advertised to the masses.