20th Century Fox Takes Viral Marketing to the Next Level to Promote 'Chronicle'

20th Century Fox Takes Viral Marketing to the Next Level to Promote ‘Chronicle’

First, Chronicle‘s trailer goes viral, attracting over 8 million views on Youtube. Then they try to capture lightning in a bottle by releasing “flying men” in NYC. That’s right, taking a page straight out of the marketing of Skyline, the studio sent out a few cameramen with Thinkmodo to make the people of New York City experience what it would be like to see some flying heroes in action.

Attaching a camera to a few custom RC planes shaped like people may not sound like a whole lot of fun, but it certainly looked cool. We’ve got to hand it to the marketing team for Chronicle. Between the trailer and this plan, they seem to know exactly who their audience is, and how it is to reach out to them.

To that point, Fox hosted a contest yesterday for a college to get a special screening of the film before it hits theaters. For those that don’t go to one of the lucky schools, here’s a little something to tide you over until opening day. Youtube sensation DeStorm, along with MysteryGuitarMan, has made a video answering Fox’s question, “What would YOU do with telekinesis?” See DeStorm’s answer HERE.

Chronicle, the found footage thriller about a trio of high school students who gain super powers, opens in theatres everywhere February 3rd. Check out the “viral” campaign to convince New Yorkers that men can fly after the jump.