'House' Will End Eight Year Run After This Season

‘House’ Will End Eight Year Run After This Season

Dr. House is one of the most interesting and complex TV characters of the last decade. Originally a thinly veiled medical Sherlock Holmes, House has become one of the best formulaic Doctor shows that is always willing to shatter it’s characters in exciting and unexpected ways.

Fox announced yesterday that the current season of House will in fact be it’s last. Despite strong ratings the show continues to be increasingly expensive as each season passes, and like 24 before it, Fox wanted to cut costs and end the popular drama before it grew to stale.

This news will be no surprise to the creative crew of the show. Fox originally wanted to end the series last year, but brought the show back for one more season. The team behind the show have already gone on record that they will end the series with some sort of satisfying conclusion.

The big winner in this news is probably Terra Nova, an expensive show that got off to a sputtering start. Eventually it turned the creative corner and finished strong, but the ratings were never really there. With less money tied into House, and the need for a new anchor Monday night show, Terra Nova might just have gotten a second lease on life.