Box Office Report: 'The Vow' Pulls Your Heartstrings And Steals Top Spot

Box Office Report: ‘The Vow’ Pulls Your Heartstrings And Steals Top Spot

With Valentine’s Day hitting on Tuesday, it only makes sense that the box office would reflect that feeling of love we’re smelling in the air. It looks like guys and gals together made sure Valentine’s Day won the weekend, as Screen Gems’ The Vow starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams managed to take the weekend with an estimated $41 Million.

In a very close second, the Denzel Washington vs. Ryan Reynolds flick Safe House brought in an estimated $39 Million, which wouldn’t be bad if the film’s budget wasn’t a total of $85 Million. Right behind that one was another financial conundrum, Dwayne Johnson’s Journey 2, which cost about $80 Million and only only netted $27 Million here in the states.

Finally, George Lucas’ attempt to take more of your money with Phantom Menace in 3D managed to pull in $23 Million, making the film itself pull in a lifetime gross of $474 million dollars. Damn you, Jar Jar!

Next weekend, Kirk and Bane go head to head for the affection of Reese Witherspoon (for some reason), while Nic Cage returns from hell once again in the sequel to Ghost Rider. Let’s see who wins that one!