'Twisted Metal' Crashing Its Way Onto the Big Screen

‘Twisted Metal’ Crashing Its Way Onto the Big Screen

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance co-director Brian Taylor is set to write and direct a live action adaptation of the iconic video game Twisted Metal. Sony Pictures has offered Taylor a 7-figure deal to head up the film.

Like the game, the film will revolve around an underground event that pits a number of combatants in a fight to the death. They are outfitted in armored weaponized cars that are pimped out with heavy weaponry that includes missiles and machine guns. Each character is set to have their own specialty weapons and style similar to the game. The sole survivor will get any wish granted.

It is rumored that the film will include such signature contestant characters as Sweet Tooth, a homicidal clown who drives an ice cream truck, and Doll Face, a young woman who is trapped behind a porcelain mask and who drives an 18-wheeler.

This is the first project that Taylor will helm solo. He has always teamed with Mark Neveldine on such films as the Crank series. There have been two so far, and they are talking about making a third, in 3D, as well as a possible future Ghost Rider. The team will continue to write and direct films together.

Ghost Rider’s Avi and Ari Arad are producing the film. Avi Arad has been a producer of Sony’s Spider-Man films, including the upcoming 3D The Amazing Spider-Man. All this action occurs as Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance opens this weekend

The game, which has been published in various configurations by Sony Computer, is one of the biggest selling video game series of all time. The newest version of the game was just released for PlayStation 3.