Go Behind the Scenes of 'Skyfall' with Director Sam Mendes' First Videoblog

Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Skyfall’ with Director Sam Mendes’ First Videoblog

In the old days (you know, before things like YouTube) we had to rely on newspapers, magazines and TV shows like Entertainment Tonight to get our movie and TV news. Now we’ve got the Internets and a whole bunch of new and cooler ways.

One of those new ways is the personal videoblog made by directors of big movies. Much like Peter Jackson did during his filmmaking adventures with The Hobbit, director Sam Mendes has taken up the cause and is doing video dispatches while directing Daniel Craig in the production of the next James Bond film Skyfall.

His first one is pretty short, only 90 seconds, but in it the director talks about his Bond nostalgia and few glimpses of actual filming taking place with Craig in action as Bond. It’s pretty cool and hopefully the first of many.

Check it out after the jump. Look for more from Mendes as production on Skyfall progresses. The movie itself arrives in theaters on November 9.