PAX East 2012 Preview: Boston Indie Showcase

PAX East 2012 Preview: Boston Indie Showcase

One of the really unique things about the Penny Arcade Expo is the show’s dedication to showcasing independent games and their creators. While you can wait in crazy long lines for the bigger titles on the show floor, playing the indie games can be really rewarding. You’ll get more time to play each game, and usually you’ll get to talk to the game’s creators.

I try hard each year I attend PAX East to play every single one of the games featured in the Boston Indie Showcase, but this year will be a little different. Because for 2012, the six games chosen to be showcased are all mobile! Which means, not only can I play them before PAX, but so can all of you!

Four of the games featured are for iOS, two are for Android, and one is for Windows Mobile. I’ll be playing all of them before PAX East, which takes place in Boston, MA in early April, and reviewing them for you here at The Flickcast, but if you’d like to learn more about each game right now, you can check out the descriptions here.

For a taste of what the Boston Indie Showcase was like in the past, check out our coverage from PAX East 2011.

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