Latest Trailer For Pixar's 'Brave' Is More Like An Extended Clip

Latest Trailer For Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Is More Like An Extended Clip

The titan of quality that is Pixar might have stubbed it’s toe last year with the release of the sub-par Cars 2, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are still riding a nearly two decade long winning streak. Creatively, their mandate of doing what isn’t expected has paid off in droves.

What makes Brave such an interesting next step for Pixar is the fact that it is the first film with a female lead who is for all intents and purposes a princess. That’s right, this is a classic Disney princess fairy tale, but done the Pixar way. Fans of Disney and Pixar have reason to be very excited at that prospect.

Disney has just released a third trailer for the film, but instead of just hyper cutting more footage to beautiful music, they opted for an extended scene that does a brilliant job of summing up the general conflict of the movie. You can tell immediately that this film has that Pixar charm we all know and love.

Check out the new trailer after the jump.

What is truly the most exciting about the scene/trailer is the lush and gorgeous animation. Sure Pixar has never delivered anything that could be considered ugly, but the world of Brave just seems to take on an even more captivating beauty. This isn’t a bright explosion of colors like Cars or Toy Story, this is a deep, earthy beauty that is formed by the attention to detail in a mostly realistic setting.

Plus who doesn’t love those accents!