Check It Out: What If 'Star Wars: Episode 1' Didn't Suck?

Check It Out: What If ‘Star Wars: Episode 1’ Didn’t Suck?

Sometimes, there are great atrocities to the nerd culture that just can’t be undone. Things like Catwoman, The Spirit, and Star Trek: Nemesis that are engrained in our culture so deeply, that it’s hard to forget they existed due to how bad they were. That’s where YouTube movie analyst machine Belated Media takes us for a trip down memory lane that doesn’t make us hate being a geek.

He has taken the recently rejuvenated Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace and broken it down to show all of its flaws. Unlike the hundreds of other YouTubers who have done the same, Belated Media has gone the extra step in explaining what would make this film good, and how they can fix these things.

Of course, it’s a bit too late to actually take back things like the death of Darth Maul or the casting of Anakin Skywalker, but it’s still nice to think of what could have been if Phantom Menace  was actually good, and didn’t suck so hard with junkyard owners who were immune to Jedi mind tricks, or Jar Jar Binks’ pure existence.

So take a look at Belated Media’s massive analysis of the film after the jump, and join us on the journey of what it would have been like had George Lucas not completely sold out and only cared about making toys that kids everywhere would one day throw out.