'Modern Warfare 3' March Content Drop Trailer Arrives

‘Modern Warfare 3’ March Content Drop Trailer Arrives

There is no denying the popularity of the Call of Duty series. Generally finishing the year as one of the top sellers, Call of Duty games are big business. So the concept of packaging it’s planned DLC as apart of a ‘content season’ is a great way to keep the popular series fresh year round.

This latest round of DLC content contains two spec ops missions. The first taking place in snowy Russia and sees you and a partner on snowmobile’s before storming an enemy diamond mine. Mission two takes you to the streets in India as you work to liberate hostages in a city.

The last bit in the drop is a new multiplayer map called Black Box. The map is focused on an affluent neighborhood that Air Force One crash landed in. You take your battles through the wreckage of the President’s downed plane and the surrounding homes.

We have been giving you a heads up to new content drops since the program was announced, and today is no difference. For your viewing pleasure we bring to you Rob Riggle and the March content drop trailer, after the jump.

As always these trailers are fun, and the general concept of a DLC season is pretty inspired, bravo Activision.