Raspberry Pi Mini-Computer Has Manufacturing Issue, May Be Delayed

Raspberry Pi Mini-Computer Has Manufacturing Issue, May Be Delayed

In addition to movies, TV and comics, we also like tech and gadgets here at The Flickcast. We also like to help support cool projects when we find them.

And really, what could be cooler than a $25.00 Linux-powered computer about the size of a credit card you can order right now? Well, probably quite a few things but stil, that doesn’t mean it’s not cool too. What am I talking about?

Well, a bunch of enterprising folks got together and formed the Raspberry Pie Foundation with the goal of making a computer that could be sold for $25.00. They succeeded but, unfortunately, have run into a bit of a “manufacturing hiccup” on their way to shipping the devices.

According to the company, the computers were accidentally equipped with non-magnetic ethernet jacks, which would result in a lack of network connectivity. However, according to the company, it is “a very minor problem to fix, and the factory is nearly done working on replacing them on the first set of boards.”

Pre-orders of the $25 dollar computer sold out in less than a day when it went on sale last month. It’s equipped with a 700MHz processor, 256MB of RAM, SD card support, two USB ports, an Ethernet jack and both HDMI and RCA outputs.

Hopefully, the delay will be a short one and the devices will start shipping soon. That way the Foundation can open up their store again and more people will be able to put in their orders. Until then, we’ll just have to wait.