First Images of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a Young Bruce Willis in ‘Looper’

First Images of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a Young Bruce Willis in ‘Looper’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is fast becoming one of the most exciting actors of his generation. He generally makes smart choices, and even in the cash-grab roles, like Cobra Commander in the last GI Joe film, he brings a watchable angle to his character.

So when word got out that he was re-teaming with Rian Johnson for a hard boiled Sci-Fi tale about time travel and hit men, it piqued our interest. Then we found out that he was playing a young Bruce Willis, all of our hearts went aflutter.

So consider The Flickcast at maximum anticipation levels in the wake of these first images of Gordon-Levitt in subtle make-up to look like an young Willis. Word from early screenings and script reviews is that the movie might be stellar, and these early shots do nothing to change that idea. The first trailer premiered last weekend at Wondercon, so expect it to hit the internet soon enough.

Not terribly noticeable from these two shots is that the bulk of the subtle make-up was applied to give Gordon-Levitt a young Willis silhouette. This means the he isn’t meant to look exactly like Willis, as he doesn’t, but to give the impressions that he one day ‘could’ be Willis.

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Still can’t shake the fact that Gordon-Levitt does have a small Kirk Cameron thing going on in the second image.