'Terra Nova' Not Going to Netflix

‘Terra Nova’ Not Going to Netflix

If you’re a fan of Fox’s Terra Nova, were disappointed the show has been cancelled but were holding out hope it would find a new lease on life at Netflix, get ready to be disappointed again. Sadly, a deal could not be reached between Netflix and 20th Century Fox TV and, to put it directly, Terra Nova is now extinct.

Well, almost. In one bit of interesting news, Fox has not yet released the show’s cast so that could mean they are still looking for a way to bring the show back. Or, they’re going to shop it to others.

Although, some of the show’s cast, including star Jason O’Mara, have already booked new gigs, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Even if O’Mara does get on another show, he could still be required to come back to Terra Nova if it ends up going somewhere else. He would have to honor his contract with Fox for the show.

Still, with Terra Nova costing a lot per episode and it not doing very well in the ratings, it’s very unlikely we will ever see the show again. . . except in reruns. It’s too bad, the show was actually starting to get interesting.