Take a Listen to Chevy Chase's Drunk Voicemail to Dan Harmon

Take a Listen to Chevy Chase’s Drunk Voicemail to Dan Harmon

It’s been no secret for quite some time now how much of a thorn veteran comedian Chevy Chase has been in the side of just about everyone working on NBC’s Community. From rumors of a drunken Chase showing up late to shoots, to his overall difficulty to work with from the rest of the cast, there seems to have been tension for quite some time.

Now, it looks like things have escalated even further as creator Dan Harmon and Chevy had it out at the season wrap party last weekend, which resulted in an angry (and relatively inebriated) message left on Harmon’s voicemail. Here’s a bit of backstory from Deadline.

The chronology of the events, corroborated to me by multiple sources, involves Chase walking off the set of the show on the last day of shooting last month without filming one of his scenes, which reportedly was to close out the season finale.

Then at the wrap party, Harmon got up and gave a “Fuck you, Chevy” speech in front of Chase and his wife and daughter, and encouraged the crew to join him in saying “fuck you” to the actor. Chase left immediately and later left Harmon a profane-laden voice message, a portion of which found its way to the Web after Harmon played it in front of other people.

We’ve got the audio below which you can check out. Who’s to blame for all of this? Nobody can really tell, but we certainly know that it’s going to effect next season on Community as to whether or not we’ll even see the return of Chevy’s Pierce Hawthorne.

Our bet? Bill Murray steps in to replace him and nobody mentions the incident again.