Panels You Should Check Out at PAX East 2012

Panels You Should Check Out at PAX East 2012

There’s a lot at PAX East, which takes place this upcoming weekend, to be excited for- the show floor will be jam packed with tons of exciting games, the concerts at night will be rockin’, and there’s endless free play areas for console, PC, tabletop, and card games.

But one other thing you should definitely make some time for is the panels- they’re a chance to catch up with some of your favorite people in the industry, learn more about making videogames a career, or ask your favorite developer or community manager a question. Here’s some of the panels I’m most excited for this weekend.

Nathan Barnatt aka Keith Apicary Talks Talking Classics

Nathan Barnatt is a busy dude- whether he’s acting as one of his various sketch comedy personas, including the famous Keith Apicary of Talking Classics, crashing a Kimberly Cole music video audition, or making his viral dance videos, so it’s exciting that this year he’ll be appearing at his very own PAX East panel as himself. Fun fact: last year Nathan (appearing as Keith) crashed a panel, and got kicked out. So you never really know when, or where, he’ll show up during the convention.

You’ll find Nathan Barnatt’s panel on Saturday from 1 PM to 2 PM in the Arachnid Theater.

Major Nelson’s Podcast!

Major Nelson’s podcast will feature a very special guest, Felicia Day,

Major Nelson’s live podcast will take place in the Manticore Theatre on Saturday from 6:00PM – 7:00PM

Penny Arcade Q&A

Do you have a burning desire to ask Gabe and Tycho a question? Wondering what makes them tick? Or just want to watch a whole bunch of people ask the questions you were too afraid to ask? Join Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, co-creators of Penny Arcade, as they take the inquiries of audience members. It may get weird. It usually gets emotional. Bring tissues.

There are actually two of these panels- one on Friday and one on Sunday, due to their overwhelming popularity. Friday you’ll find them in the Main Theater from 11:30-12:30 PM, and on Sunday they’ll be in the Main Theater from 2-3 PM.

The Boston Indie Showcase

I’ve been covering the Boston Indie Showcase in the weeks leading up to PAX East, as this year’s submissions are all mobile based and most are available to play right now. If you’ve gotten a chance to play them before the con or on the show floor and are wondering who the minds are behind these incredible little mobile masterpieces, look no further than this panel, which will feature all of them on stage, answering questions about their creations.

The Boston Indie Showcase panel will take place in the Merman Theatre on Saturday from 6:30PM – 7:30PM.

What panels will you be attending? Let me know in the comments.