Disney Wants to Take another Wild Ride With Mr. Toad

Disney Wants to Take another Wild Ride With Mr. Toad

OK, so lets break it down to you in the simplest way possible. Disney wants to make a movie that is based on a ride, that was based on a movie, that was based on a book. We here at The Flickcast are generally pro re-imagining properties, but that seems stretched a little thin.

Deadline is reporting that Disney is keen to get a movie in production based on yet another popular ride from a Disney Park:

Disney has feature film plans for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, one of its longest-running theme park rides. The studio has set iconic commercials and video director Pete Candeland to develop a live-action/CGI mix feature that will bring to life a theme park ride that originated in Disneyland on its opening in 1955.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, if you remember, is the children’s dark ride that simulates a wild and drunken high speed car chase that ends with a first person simulation of a horrible death and hell. It is by far the most insane, ‘WTF’ ride at Disneyland and the concept of turning that experience into a feature film is crazy, but maybe just crazy enough to work.

The current idea would be to craft a film based on the attraction, not the well regarded source material. So sorry Wind in the Willows fans, it looks like you won’t be getting the umpteenth adaptation of your beloved book.