PAX East 2012 XTRA Hands-On: Trials Evolution Multiplayer

PAX East 2012 XTRA Hands-On: Trials Evolution Multiplayer

I have a confession to make- I never gave Trials HD a shot. Partly because my Xbox 360 gave me a red ring of death, and partly because of this YouTube video.

But while walking by Microsoft’s booth at PAX East, Trials Evolution was available to play, so I shelved my apprehension and joined three friends to try our hand at the four-player multiplayer, a new feature in this upcoming sequel.

Trials Evolution multiplayer is really really fun. Your goal is to finish the level as quickly as you can, with as few faults as possible. The player with the most points at the end of the heat ends the game. There’s a couple different areas to play in, and if you’re a veteran of Trials HD, you know how different controlling your bike can be. The two Trials HD veterans I played with had no problem picking up the multiplayer and schooling us newbies to the game.

I have a feeling Trials Evolution will soon join the ranks of Mario Party and Smash Brothers as another party game with the power to end friendships.

You won’t have to wait long for the chance to challenge your own friends to Trials Evolutions, as it will be available for download from Xbox Live on April 18th.