Marvel Introduces the 'Digital Comics Shop'

Marvel Introduces the ‘Digital Comics Shop’

Let’s face it, print comics may not be completely dead, but they’re probably on life suport. The future is here now and that future is digital. With that in mind, Marvel has announced, as part of its ReEvolution concept, the upcoming Marvel Digital Comics Shop.

What is it? Well, for the best description, let’s let the folks at Marvel speak for themselves, via a handy press release:

The Marvel ReEvolution grows even bigger this month as Marvel is proud to unveil the Marvel Digital Comics Shop, the newest place to find and read Marvel digital comics. This convenient online destination gives fans the chance to purchase all their favorite Marvel comics in one location and have it sync to the Marvel Comics app for Apple iOS and Android devices. Not only can you read your comics anytime and anywhere – but now you can read them on your desktop or laptop! With all Marvel Universe and Ultimate Comics Universe titles available the same day they hit comic shops, there’s no better time to jump into comics!

Okay, so, that’s pretty cool. But wait, there’s more:

Then, come June – all Marvel super hero comics priced at $3.99 at your local comic shop will include codes for free digital copies of those same issues on the Marvel Comics app for Apple iOS and Android devices, the Marvel Digital Comics Shop and the Comics by comiXology app and web store all at no extra cost!

See, the future is here. Now where are the damn jetpacks and hoverboards!