Android Version of 'Angry Birds Space' Updated

Android Version of ‘Angry Birds Space’ Updated

You may not be aware of it but a series of games from Rovio about a bunch of birds angry enough at some pigs to fly over them and drop bombs shaped like eggs is doing pretty well. So well, in fact, that the original Angry Birds and its subsequent versions have sold millions of copies. In fact, there’s even making a movie about the birds.

This week the company updated its latest incarnation, Angry Birds Space, for the Android OS. With this update comes a new ice planet containing ten brand new levels. What more could you want for a Wednesday morning?

I don’t know about you but I find this game a great way to kill some time waiting in line at the post office or at the DMV. Even though some may think its over-hyped, if it provides fun and a bit of distraction, it’s a success in my book.

To get the update, or to get the game in the first place, head on over to the Google Play store and pick it up.