We're In: New Trailer for Aaron Sorkin's 'The Newsroom' Makes Us Believe

We’re In: New Trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ Makes Us Believe

We’ve been following Aaron Sorkin’s career since the days of A Few Good Men and Sport Night. Loved that show. Then, of course, he went on to create The West Wing and later win the Academy Award for writing The Social Network.

Now he’s back on TV, at HBO this time around, and preparing to launch a new show called The Newsroom. We brought you the first trailer for the show recently and now, there’s a brand new one we want to share with you today.

In it we get to know the band of optimists and crusaders that will make up the new show and see a bit more of the ironic humor Sorkin is famous for. Sure, some of you may think this looks an awful lot like Sorkin’s Sports Night.

Even if it does have quite a few similarities, that isn’t a bad thing because, as we said above, Sports Night was a pretty great show that we loved. So, let’s just think of this one as Sports Night 2.0 with swearing and the potential for nudity and sex.

Not a bad threesome. Not at all. Check out the trailer after the break. The Newsroom premieres on HBO in June.