Check It Out: Bonus Scenes from Last Night's 'Eureka' and 'Lost Girl' Plus Previews of Next Week

Check It Out: Bonus Scenes from Last Night’s ‘Eureka’ and ‘Lost Girl’ Plus Previews of Next Week

We probably don’t give enough attention to shows like Eureka and Lost Girl. With Eureka, you’ve got a show that’s been on for several seasons yet still manages to deliver great characters and compelling episodes as it leads up to it’s series finale.

Then, there’s Lost Girl. A fairly new show on Syfy that even from the beginning looked to be an interesting mix of genres and features interesting characters and situations. Plus, the lead character is a succubus who feeds off of people’s sexual energy, so there’s that.

Anyway, both shows had brand new episodes last night on Syfy and we’ve got bonus scenes from both of them to share with you today. In addition, we’ve also got previews for next week’s all new episodes of both shows too.

No, no need to thank us. We do it because we love you. Check out all the videos after the jump and look for Eureka and Lost Girl next Monday starting at 9/8C on Syfy.


Friendly Fire – Sneak Peek

A Reasonable Explanation – Bonus Clip EP 503
The real Jack gets plugged in to the alternate reality, but unfortunately for him, Zane has found out his secret.

You Have to Trust Me – Bonus Clip from EP 503
After realizing they’re stuck in a matrix, Jack, Allison and team begin discussions on how to escape.

Bombs Away – Bonus Clip from EP 503
The team has developed a bomb to blow up the ship and it’s Jack mission to get out of there alive.

How She Was Killed – Bonus Clip from EP 503
The team has finally been rescued but can the same be said about Jack?


Mirror, Mirror – Sneak Peek
Kenzi’s attempts to dabble in Bo’s love life lead her to cross paths with the infamous Baba Yaga.

Driving Me Crazy – Bonus Clip from EP 203
Kenzi warns Bo as she’s being attacked by a crazy demon.

Tasty – Bonus Clip from EP 203

Bo is caught in what appears to be a trance with a crazy demon that is out to destroy her.

She Is So Hungry – Bonus Clip from EP 203

The sandman confesses that he was hired to capture Bo and just as she was about to destroy him, he slowly puts her to sleep.

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