New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer Arrives to Again Remind Us the Movie Exists

New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Arrives to Again Remind Us the Movie Exists

With Marvel’s The Avengers coming out tonight at midnight there’s another movie (from a different studio) that wants to make sure we know it’s coming out soon too. That movie is, of course, the re-imagining of the reboot of Spider-Man known as The Amazing Spider-Man.

Much like the posters that came out a few days ago, this trailer isn’t really all that special. Believe us, we wish it was. It just looks like more of the same thing we’ve seen before in the previous Spider-Man movies that were not really all that long ago.

On a positive note, we prefer Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy to what’s her names previous tern as Mary Jane. That much is certain. We’re less enthusiastic about Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, however.

Oh well. It probably won’t stop the movie from making a boatload of money, which is fine.

Click through to look at the trailer. The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters this Summer.