'Smallville Season 11' First Printed Comic Issue Now Available

‘Smallville Season 11’ First Printed Comic Issue Now Available

If you were a fan of the CW show Smallville you probably already know that the show has continued on in digital comic book form with Smallville Season 11. What you may not know is that, according to DC, once three issues of the digital comic are released, they will be collected in a print version and sold in comic book stores.

That first three-issue printed version is now available. But wait, there’s more. Not only will the printed comic contain the first three issues of Smallville Season 11, it will also include new, bonus content like episode guides and more.

The first print issue is available now with the next digital chapter of Smallville Season 11 coming out on Friday, May 18. Check out the full release schedule after the break.

SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 Release Schedule:

May 2 – print issue #1 (collecting digital chapters 1-3)
May 18 – digital chapter 4
May 25 – digital chapter 5
June 1 – digital chapter 6
June 6 – print issue #2 (collecting digital chapters 4-6)
June 15 – digital chapter 7
June 22 – digital chapter 8
June 29 – digital chapter 9
July 4 – print issue #3 (collecting digital chapters 7-9)
July 13 – digital chapter 10
July 20 – digital chapter 11
July 27 – digital chapter 12
Aug. 1 – print issue #4 (collecting digital chapters 10-12)

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