Sean Bean Takes On 'Devil's Peak'

Sean Bean Takes On ‘Devil’s Peak’

First and foremost, we love Sean Bean here at The Flickcast. He’s a great actor who, unfortunately, doesn’t always seem to make it all the way through most of the projects he appears in.

That unfortunate reality seems to be about to change as Bean has been cast in not one, but three movies based on the Devil’s Peak novel trilogy. The novels, written by South African Deon Meyer, focus on Benny Griessel, a detective with Cape Town’s Serious and Violent Crimes Unit.

Bean will play Griessel in the adaptations, who’s a recovering alcoholic with family issues and other demons who also happens to be very good at catching murderers. Sounds like a role tailor made for Bean — not that he’s got issues or is a recovering alcoholic, just that we see him able to pull it off. Anyway. . .

A September start date for the first film is planned, with shooting to take place in South Africa. We will be following this one closely.