A Super Preview of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Offers an Extended Look at the New Web Slinger

A Super Preview of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Offers an Extended Look at the New Web Slinger

Last night during the season premiere of America’s Got Talent, all five of the NBC viewers were treated to an extended ‘super’ preview of The Amazing Spider-Man. Basically it super-sized the most recent trailer with an extended scene, some dubstep-ish cues and a couple of choice new shots.

The movie is in an odd place for the general public. We are not that far removed from the Raimi series, and despite the vocal internet backlash to the third film, it was a success. So Sony has to win over a skeptical public on top of the already difficult task of competing with this summer’s other two comic book goliaths.

To Sony’s credit this extended trailer marks the most interesting and inciting glimpse at their reboot. It showcases one of the most important aspects of Peter Parker that was almost missed completely in the Raimi films, the personality of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is a wise-cracking, naive, and most importantly noble hero. There is a duality to Peter that is much more subtle than in a character like Batman, but is no less important. If the Marc Webb reboot can tap into that, we can all be in for a very pleasant surprise this summer.

Check out the full trailer after the jump.

I will be honest, when Spider-Man took off his mask at the beginning I was almost ready to dismiss the film entirely. But when Peter urges the kid to put the mask on, because ‘it will make him strong’ I was sold 100% on the movie. That moment shows more of the Spider-Man personality side than anything in the Raimi films, and puts a huge smile on my face.