Kevin Smith's 'Spoilers' is Coming Soon to Hulu

Kevin Smith’s ‘Spoilers’ is Coming Soon to Hulu

Kevin Smith is an excellent entertainer. His movies have a limited audience, but his podcasts and speaking engagements have proven Smith can engage a crowd like few others can. Now that his directing career seems to be coming to a self-imposed end, it is nice to see him pursuing other outlets for his talents.

One of those outlets is a new show called Spoilers on Hulu, according to Wired:

The show, which will premiere June 4 on Hulu, will showcase Smith and 50 die-hard movie fans right after they’ve seen a big blockbuster movie on opening night, creating a monster gab-fest full of opinions, fights and — because it’s a Smith endeavor — plenty of gags and a bit of Jason Mewes (the Jay to Smith’s Silent Bob).

The concept of the show is rock solid. A psuedo-review show that is after a more general public opinion instead of the academic opinions you often find on televised review shows. The list of movies they already plan on covering is impressive, hopefully the show’s format works as well in practice as it does on paper.

I know some in the film criticism world dislike Smith because of his anti-critic public outcries and temper tantrums, but I really think this is a great attempt at Smith to put his money where his mouth is. Despite what some film critics think, at the end of the day their opinion is just that, there is no handbook for what makes a good film so there is no amount of education or experience that makes their opinion anything more than just one persons opinion.

So what is exciting is that the average joe might actually have an outlet to see their perspective. The internet has emboldened anyone to say what is on their mind, and hopefully a show like this will capitalize on that and provide a fun new movie-centric talk show.