Amazon Instant Video Now on XBox 360

Amazon Instant Video Now on XBox 360

If you’re an XBox 360 user and have always been a bit jealous of your PS3-using friends who get to take advantage of streaming media with their Amazon Prime accounts, your day has come. That’s right, today Amazon announced and made available an Amazon Instant Video app for the Xbox 360.

The new app gives Prime subscribers access to streaming content, and can be downloaded via the Xbox 360 Dashboard. To take full advantage of this new app and stream content you need to be an Xbox Live Gold member and also an Amazon Prime member.

If you meet that criteria you can get access to over 17K TV shows and films. While that may not seem like a lot of selection given the amount of content available through Netflix or via Apple’s iTunes store, it’s still quite a bit to choose from.

Plus, with Amazon’s recent deal with Paramount and the addition of those movies, Amazon’s selection is getting better all the time. Although, some may wonder why why you would want to pay for two services just to get “free” content, and that’s a good question.

The answer for me, at least, is that I’m already an XBox Live Gold member to enjoy XBox Live and also an Amazon Prime member because I order lots of this from Amazon and like the free two day shipping and Kindle lending library, in addition to the streaming media features.

So for me, it makes sense, It might not for some of you, and that’s okay. We don’t all have to like the same things.